Meet Lucy.

Born and raised in Fremont, Lucy Shen (沈静雨) grew up attending MSJHS (class of 2013). This education provided her with the springboard she needed to major in Computer Science at Wellesley College, conduct research at MIT, and study at Oxford University before returning to Fremont as a software engineer. Lucy’s goal is to build upon FUSD’s track record of excellence and empower our next generation of students to achieve their full potential.

As an FUSD-appointed member and secretary for the CHPSE Task Force, Lucy worked with parents, teachers, community advocates, and students to recommend the district’s new and official CHYA-compliant health curriculum. As a staff member at the Galileo summer camp, Lucy learnt to understand what is most important to parents and how to make sure parent input is properly addressed. As a youth mentor with StandUp for Kids, Girls who Code, and Spark, Lucy empowered students from at-risk and minority communities to achieve their full potential. Lucy looks forward to working with the Fremont community to bring that same passion for health and safety, transparency, and diversity to the school board.