Fremont schools have always set a high standard of excellence, but we still have lots of work to do! Read on for details on Lucy’s plans to push for improvement:

Lucy has impressed me with her ability to engage with all our Fremont stakeholders. As an alumnus of FUSD, she is truly the voice we need to educate our future generation.
Anu Natarajan, Former Fremont Vice-Mayor

Health and Safety

Lucy recognizes that no solution is going to work for everyone. She will take a multi-pronged approach to continue to support our students, protect our teachers, and give our parents peace of mind that their children are safe but not falling behind. She will take advice from the leading scientists and use that to guide best practices. Right now, the recommendations tell us that to protect our community, we need to require that all staff and students are tested before we reopen schools. Lucy understands that as we consider in-person and hybrid models, COVID-19 testing will need to be accessible to all students. While students are learning remotely, Lucy wants to ensure that all students have the technology and environment they need to achieve their full potential.

As a school board trustee, Lucy will:

  • Increase IT support during this period of remote learning to support teachers, students, and parents.
  • Support a budget that will increase the capacity of custodial and sanitation staff.
  • Ensure that COVID-19 testing will be accessible to students, educators, and staff.
  • Fight for every student to have access to a safe space to study with reliable internet access and the appropriate hardware.

Community Accessibility and Transparency

COVID-19 has been a difficult time for parents and educators. We need leadership who will communicate clearly about district decisions, and who will invite community input as we work towards health, safety, and high quality education for all our students. From her time as secretary on the CHPSE task force, Lucy learned the importance of clear communication between the school district and parents. Lucy understands that in order to provide the education and care our students deserve, the school board needs to gather student, parent, educator, staff, and community input. Lucy will lower barriers to individual involvement in school board decisions and fight for increased accountability and transparency at FUSD. During this new normal, parents and community members have even less access to school board members.

As a school board trustee, Lucy will:

  • Implement office hours and ensure that she is accessible to concerned parents, students, and community members.
  • Create a dashboard where families can access info about COVID-19, district budgeting, and policy decisions
  • Streamline remote meeting protocols to clarify the public participation process and lower barriers to entry so it is easier for people to participate in public meetings and committees.

Mental Health

COVID-19 has put tremendous mental pressure on our students, who already face the demands of a rigorous education. Lucy has experienced this academic pressure first-hand during her time at MSJHS. Lucy is committed to bringing the community together to create the mental health support systems that our students need and deserve.

As a school board trustee, Lucy will:

  • Improve mental health resources to the students of Fremont School District by working together with educators, students, staff, and parents.
  • Recommend FUSD to hire culturally competent mental health professionals who understand the needs of our diverse district.
  • Allocate funding for supporting student activities to improve mental health on their campuses.

Diversity and Equity in Education

Although 89% of FUSD students are people of color, our school’s history curriculum fails to reflect our community’s diverse American stories. FUSD students deserve to learn about topics and stories including but not limited to the Chinese Exclusion Act, the annexation of the Philippines, and the history of Sikh immigration to California. Lucy has heard the over 1200 FUSD community members who signed a petition calling for inclusive practices in our PreK-12 programs.

As a school board trustee, Lucy will:

  • Advocate for the formation of a committee to oversee the process of implementing actively diverse educational frameworks in our schools.
  • Expand ethnic studies and update textbooks throughout K-12 to more accurately inform our students on the history of our communities in this country.
  • Revisit the community service program to emphasize each students’ civic and social responsibilities.
  • Increased support for special education resources as well as arts, music, and vocational classes
  • Explore possibilities in more flexible course options